Our Purpose as NEKA Engineering

We know

  • Sectoral market, "the highest quality, the most appropriate time and at an affordable price" adhering to policies to meet the needs and expectations set by our customers,
  • Recognizing that the knowledge and abilities of our employees should also be increased in the continuous revision of the processes, supporting them and providing training opportunities,
  • Providing products according to national and international standards of quality defined by our customers, with the support of this purpose, all employees, customer satisfaction always at the forefront hold, process, to improve the quality of products and services received to ensure continuous improvement in all the results and recognized in and outside market in Turkey is the quality policy of our company to be a reliable brand.
  • Observing the laws and regulations
  • Observing the standard requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.
  • Prioritizing work safety by providing a healthy and safe working environment to personnel.
  • Informing our suppliers, customers and visitors about Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities,
  • Preventing pollution to air, soil, water and other natural resources and to ensure the thrifty use of natural resources,
  • Improving the environmental awareness of our employees and suppliers,
  • Fulfill its legal responsibilities in connection with the resulting environmental dimensions,


as our duty undertake and we adopted as our quality policy.