Polygonal Poles

NE-KA Engineering;

  • Street Lighting Poles
  • Decorative Lighting Poles
  • Flag Poles
  • Camera Poles
  • Projector Poles
  • Stadium Lighting Poles
  • Lift flag poles / masts
  • Advertising Poles
  • GSM Monopole Poles
  • Polygonal Energy Transmission Poles

about 12 mt up in one piece, as production by the project polygonal cross-section piece in the desired height, round conical section, and decorative post production is done directly from the tube.

Polygonal manufacturing our poles, as it can be used in designs made in accordance with specifications and request from the customers, on request, give the customer design can be applied.

Furthermore, our company all assembly and installation on-site inspection or assembly of these products can serve in the subject.