We operate in areas and tasks undertaken due to the principle we have adopted quality, conducting with great success the appropriate time and appropriate price policy, it is a customer-oriented to become a company sought after by our customers and employees with a company to be a mission that is proud to be a part of the stay depends on our following principles ..

  • Understanding current and future customer needs, meet customer needs and striving to exceed customer expectations.
  • Leadership to establish unity of purpose and direction to achieve the company's goals of creating an environment where employees can become fully involved and protect the environment.
  • Interrelated processes, NE-KA's Engineering, the effectiveness in achieving quality objectives and contributing to the efficiency of a system to identify, understand and manage.
  • Effective decisions are based on data and information analysis.
  • With suppliers to create value, build relationships of mutual benefit.
  • General and compromising professional ethics.
  • Environmental protection, occupational health and safety issues to show the necessary sensitivity.
  • Our customers and to our partners, beyond the mere fulfillment of our contractual obligations, we always adopt a constructive attitude.
  • To be open to innovations, always use the latest technologies and better search.
  • Occupational safety and environmental protection in sensitive topic and be careful.
  • Members of the NE-KA Engineering, at all levels, be aware of what constitutes the essence of the organization and ensure the use of quality achievement for the NE-KA Engineering capabilities with their full participation.
  • Our young staff, creative, hardworking and train our employees according to our culture and to be honest, confident, communicative, using the powers given to them and to take care that their work as individuals ready to take responsibility.
  • Our competitive advantage and profits; search for the perfection of our own managerial and technical skills.