• Always high quality using the latest technology in engineering and management sciences. From design engineering to commissioning, NE-KA Engineering complies with all quality management requirements. Passed through continuously review business processes, the implementation plans, procedures, specifications and design guidelines are included in business and current best practices.
• Completed and continuing every detail in engineering projects is constantly questioned and re-examined and improved and innovative engineering solutions are constantly researched and developed for more effective results.

• Faster project completion with production and commitment at the highest levels of customer satisfaction in every sense holding desirable.

• "Zero Accident" policy is both a success and a target for the NE-KA Engineering. NE-KA Engineering offices, construction sites and related facilities employees and business partners to protect all employees Environmental, Safety and Health (HSE) has been implementing policies consistently. This policy, any contamination that may result from its business, contains protection against hazards and accidents.

• NE-KA Engineering, all offices and construction sites, adopts the new business policy and current operating conditions; casual employees of the company's targets, allows to realize a healthy and safe environment. With its highly skilled staff and labor, which is one of the most important competitive advantage, NE-KA is the unwavering belief Engineering. The training of individuals is an important factor in improving the performance and also the performance of, NE-KA Engineering and agrees to become a successful project can be proud of their customers.